Designed to cope with the growing need to speed up the collection of all types of forage, Dominoni conceives a machine for forage harvesters that reflects the basic principles of construction of its products: simplicity, robustness and high efficiency of the collection.
FEEDING AUGER of great dimension and floating, with possibility to adjust the crushing of the product and possibility of changing its revs.
FLOATING FRAME with wheels on bearings.
BIG FEEDING CHANNEL hydraulically adjustable from the driving seat.
The DISCS BAR TRANSMISSION is with oil bath chain, automatically adjustable.
The AUGER TRANSMISSION, with chain (lubricated with drop of oil), is through a gear screwed directly to the cylinder of the same.
The 4 anti-wear SLIDES are easily adjustable in height.
Solid built FRAME with auger bed in wear resistant steel.
Very high collection SPEED with possibility to harvest very high products as well (sorghum) thanks to the large elevation of the crushing bar.
The CUT is very close to the ground and the machine, besides to fit and float perfectly to the ground, has a perfect feeding.
SIMPLICITY, RELIABILITY and RESISTANCE characterize our direct cut bar.