Company Profile

Dominoni srl was founded more than 50 years ago in a small village in the plain of Crema. In the post-war period with the advent of the mechanization Mr. Dominoni, who was fond of mechanics and had a workshop at his disposal, decides to build a corn header for his combine. Being a user and knowing the real problems that threshers face during harvesting, makes a machine, being determined to make it very robust, that does not break itself, and that works in the best way. This way of building is then carried out by the successive generations. The diffusion of the corn header is developed thanks to the neighbors, who, seeing the machine at work, ask to Mr. Dominoni to make one for them too. And so the activity of Dominoni is transformed, from user to manufacturer of agricultural machineries.
The current output is destined 90% for the international territory, while the remaining 10% is destined for the domestic market. In order to operate competitively in the market our company avails itself of decades of experience that brought to the creation of ever more efficient, reliable and cutting-edge products.