• The structure
    The simple, solid and light structure of Dominoni sunflower headers ensures a perfect functioning overtime by minimising maintenance work.

    The harvesting elements
    are easily fastened to the strong frame; They are stored in sealed boxes and share the same collecting chain.

    The cut
    of sunflower plant is performed by means of 4 easily replaceable turning blades, which allow high working speed.

    Changeable connection
    Thanks to the connection kit, sunflower headers can be easily adapted to any kind of combine.

    The long tips in-between rows
    which can be reversed for shipping, thanks to their sharp profile make easier to harvest down product.

    The conveyor auger
    has a big diameter and deep coils with variable speed rate; adjustable shovels provide a regular supply of the conveyor.

    The bonnets
    Thanks to their concave shape and backward inclination, the bonnets direct the fallen product in the conveyor auger, thus minimising product loss.

    The stalk chopper
    is supported by powerful springs which enable it to float on the ground following the shape of the field even on irregular surface.Thanks to a lever system the cutting angle is kept constant regardless of the height of the cut.

    The use of high quality materials combined with simple but functional engineering solutions make Dominoni sunflower header a precious tool for sunflower harvesting.